Upcoming Litters

We have litters planned for 2024.

 bookings are being taken for 2024. 
we do have several vacancies for females. As many want males.
We are also taking expressions of interest for our guardian term females. if you wish to put your name down for a future girl from puppy age email us

 Please understand there IS a waiting list. Also because I get a HUGE amount of emails, sometimes I do get a lot that end up in my junk folder or they get missed. Abuse is not needed, Please understand we are not a shop. We do this as we love our hobby, so if I can help you I will try. 

If you are interested in a WYSIWYG puppy or want details on our upcoming litters please contact us 
***We sometimes have girls (slightly older or younger) who don’t like showing and are looking for a wonderful family to foster them on breeding/guardian terms.***
If you are someone who can help with this, please email us. These girls are not always available but when they are, they are simply perfect family dogs. Already raised around children and socialised.

“One becomes a critic when one cannot be an artist, just as a man becomes a stool pigeon when he cannot be a soldier.” Gustave Flaubert 

**Please, when in search for a Golden Retriever do not fall into the trap due of a good sales pitch.**
1). No..... Pale Golden Retrievers are NOT healthier. A Golden Retriever is a Golden Retriever, a different colour does not make it healthier.

2). NO..... Pale Goldens do not have better Temperaments!. Again, this is not due to colour. How you raise your pup goes a long way.

3) NO... If you have bought a pale puppy it will NOT darken with age. If it has no colour behind its ears, tip of tail, or hocks then it will be pale for life! Please do not question me when the dog is 8 years of age and is still very pale. This question needs to be referred to back to the breeder of him, not me. I can only help you get a darker one (the one you wanted in the first place) next time.

4). American Lines are the Gold Ones, the European ones are Cream/Pale....Again NOT true. The beauty of this breed is in one litter you can get a range of colours. Doesn't matter what country the dog comes from. 
However in my breeding program I have only Gold, this is because I have also chosen from Euro lines that have Gold as well, so I have chosen to keep the Gold within my breeding program.
• Pale colours are NOT rare, 
•they are NOT special, 
*they are NOT healthier.
They are just a lovely Golden that has the cream gene like the gold ones have the Yellow gene.
5). Cross breeds are healthier because you are taking out the bad and only leaving the good....again NOT true. 
There is no guarantee that you won't keep double the bad points and get rid of the good points. This is why we breed purebreds so we can watch the pedigrees and follow what is there and what isn't there. Cross breeds are exactly this, cross breeds. We do not mix our breeds and as of the 1st January 2018 every purebred ANKC Registered breeder in Queensland will need to prove parents of your puppy by DNA parentage. If you do not have this, then you may not be getting a purebred pup with registration/pedigree papers via Dogs QLD. 

6) Please, when looking for a registered breeder, make sure they are registered with ANKC!! There are NO OTHER OFFICIAL REGISTRIES IN AUSTRALIA!!!!
Any other registries are not official and have no standing with international organisations or local councils. 

7) And the best Ive heard yet... NO!. If you haven't bought from WYSIWYG then you DONT own a WYSIWYG!!! 
Ive had several come to me with pedigrees explaining they own a WYSIWYG sadly 3 to 4 generations back is one dog I never bred, the rest of the pedigree had nothing to do with me.

Current Litter that has available babies and will be ready to go on 14th June 2024  
Mum is Sadie. Dad is Charmer 

No matter how talented you are not everyone is going to like you but that’s life, stay strong.” Justin Bieber 


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